Tunisia: a few thousand demonstrators gather in Tunis against President Kais Saied


Tunis — A few thousand supporters of the Ennahda party, the “Citizens against the putsch” movement, the “National Salvation Front” and several other political parties gathered on Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the capital on Sunday against President Kais Saied, demanding his impeachment while waving the slogan “Get out”.

The demonstrators, who gathered in front of the Municipal Theater of Tunis, denounced the exceptional measures and decisions taken by President Saïd since July 25, 2021.

These measures threaten to lead the country towards an authoritarian regime, have undermined legitimacy and violated the Constitution, according to them.

Opponents of President Kais Saied’s policies also chanted slogans calling for his departure.

Strict security measures have been taken and many security formations have been deployed to control the entrances and exits of Habib Bourguiba Avenue and ensure that the entry of the demonstrators is organized smoothly and without problems.

Jawhar Ben Mbarek, coordinator of the “Citizens Against the Putsch” movement, said in a statement to TAP that Sunday’s demonstration is “one of a series of movements that have been organized since September 2021 against the measures putschists taken by the President of the Republic”.

He said that “Saied has contributed, through his unilateral measures, to increasing violence in society through his violent, tense and divisive speech”, noting that the current situation in the country is marked by a suffocating economic and financial crisis, involving poverty, marginalization, unemployment and lack of basic commodities.”

Mbarek held the President of the Republic responsible for the difficulties encountered by the Tunisian people, as evidenced, according to him, by the regression of most economic and financial indicators, considering that the process initiated by Kais Saied and all the steps and decisions he has taken are “unacceptable”.

For his part, Ajmi Lourimi, leader of Ennahdha, one of the parties that called for massive participation in this event, said that President Kais Saied contributed by the exceptional measures he took to isolate the country and himself and has aggravated the country’s crisis, considerably impacting the daily lives of Tunisians.

Interior Minister Taoufik Charfeddine inspected the various security formations deployed on Bourguiba Avenue without making a statement to the media.


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