Texans’ Deshaun Watson strategy does David Culley no favor


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The Texans presumably have a plan in place when it comes to their handling of quarterback Deshaun Watson. They apparently haven’t shared it with new trainer David Culley. Or, maybe, they don’t trust him not to let it slip out at a press conference.

As a result, Culley is regularly toasted on Watson’s status, and Culley regularly seems to have no idea what the situation is. For a man trying to establish himself as an NFL-caliber head coach after the team’s surprising decision to hire a candidate who had never been mentioned by anyone as a potential NFL head coach, Culley receives no favor of the Texans.

On Tuesday, Culley was asked about Watson’s absence from the team’s first padded training camp.

“Well, like I said before, we’re on a day-to-day basis with this,” Culley said. “The only thing that has changed from that point of view is that we make decisions every day based on what’s best for our football team, and I’ll stop there.”

Culley was then asked, “Can’t you tell us why he wasn’t in training today?”

“Again, I’ll leave it at that,” Culley said. (The video doesn’t make it better.)

It’s not Culley’s fault. These decisions are surely made by CEO Nick Caserio and / or other front office people, such as Jack Easterby and / or Cal McNair. It’s unfair that Culley is the only one facing the music while the others are hiding behind a curtain.

Obviously, the Texans have placed Watson on de facto time off with pay while waiting to see if someone makes an acceptable commercial offer and / or if the league office places Watson on the list of exempt commissioners. Caserio, as we have heard, is unwilling to solicit and accept the best offer available for Watson as he is partially crippled with fear of not having enough for the franchise quarterback.

Either way and whatever the plan, Culley shouldn’t be serving as a media interface on Watson’s status. Someone else – Caserio, Easterby or McNair – must be the one answering the questions. Culley clearly has no idea what it is, and ignorance is not a good look for a coach trying to motivate and inspire a large group of professional athletes.


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