Governor Newsom’s Revised Budget Proposal Addresses Climate Threats Facing Californians


EDF statement from Katelyn Roedner Sutter, Senior Manager, US Climate

May 13, 2022

Chandler Green, [email protected], 803-981-2211

(Sacramento, CA – May 13, 2022) Governor Gavin Newsom today released a revised budget proposal for California’s next fiscal year, building on his original budget tabled in January. In this “May review,” the governor is proposing spending that extends bold climate commitments already made, while providing relief from the myriad challenges facing Californians, especially climate change. Today’s announcement adds an additional $9.5 billion to the $22.5 billion proposed in January for a total climate commitment of $32 billion.

“Governor Newsom’s revised budget proposal reflects the many climate change threats facing Californians. As we anticipate warmer conditions and the risk of power shortages, the budget’s focus on improving the reliability and affordability of electricity is imperative to protect households. This includes proposed investments in essential bill relief for the state’s most vulnerable residents. The state should engage early and meaningfully with local communities as power generation and siting options are considered.

“California cannot afford to continue to live with dangerous levels of air pollution and increasing drought conditions. Governor Newsom should continue to build on his January budget proposal and work with the “Legislature to make significant investments in zero-emission vehicles, including heavy-duty vehicles, and long-term strategies to reduce California’s dependence on dwindling groundwater supplies. To this end, California leaders should step up their investments in long-term strategies such as multiple-benefit land reallocation.

“EDF commends Governor Newsom for leveraging this budget surplus to support his strong climate commitments.”


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