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According to a 2016 National Parent Survey, 6.1 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD at some point in their lives. Of these children, about 3 in 10 also suffered from anxiety. To help with their ADHD and anxiety, about 3 in 4 people have received behavior therapy or medication.

While there is a lot of research on ADHD, a less well-documented type of treatment is the number of people with ADHD who use weighted stuffed animals to help relieve and cope with symptoms.

Weighted stuffed animals generally look like popular children’s toys, but tip the scales between 2 and 5 pounds. They may have longer arms to hug each other or include features to help fuss. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Grieving and loss doctors and therapists have used weighted teddy bears for years to help their clients.

While more research in this area is needed, some research has been done on weighted blankets, which provide a similar type of support. A small study of weighted blankets found that 63% of participants reported less anxiety after using it and 78% found it to have a calming effect.

The general theory behind weighted blankets and stuffed animals is that extra weight can provide deep pressure, which is believed to calm the nervous system and trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin. Using a weighted blanket or stuffed animal can also improve sleep, which can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and ADHD.

Adults may be reluctant to appear in public with a large stuffed animal, but their cute appearance makes them non-threatening to young children. They also usually come in a variety of shapes and colors that appeal to the unique interests of children.

When it came to choosing which products to include, we looked at various factors such as:

  • Cut. Some people like a larger animal that they can really wrap their arms around while others prefer something a little smaller and more discreet, so we’ve tried to include a variety of size options.
  • Equipment. Because this stuffed animal is going to be used a lot, the ones that can be easily washed and dried stood out.
  • Price. We know finances can vary, so we’ve tried to include a range of options for various budgets.
  • Customer reviews. There is nothing like a real user to let you know how a product feels and holds up after continued use. We value this information and know that it matters to you.

Here are some of the best weighted stuffed animals you can buy online.

Best weighted neck warmer

Intelex Warmies Animal Wrap

Fancy a hug on the neck? The curve of this plush animal wrap allows it to extend smoothly over the neck. (It can also be used as a travel pillow!)

It’s filled with all-natural grains and dried French lavender to provide a soothing scent. Fully microwaveable, it can be used for hot and cold therapy. As an added bonus, this therapeutic wrap is available in a variety of animal shapes and meets US safety standards for all ages.

Best heating pad

Panda bear Sensory4U

This knee pad designed to resemble a panda bear spans 17 x 22 inches. It features a removable 4-pound inner cushion filled with glass beads that can be removed and heated in the microwave to create a warm, soothing cushion.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is recommended to wash the exterior by hand, and with a white cloth it can quickly get dirty.

Best lightweight teddy bear

Wild Baby Weighted Plush Buddy

This 10 inch stuffed animal weighs less than 1 pound, making it perfect for young children. It is also ideal for travel.

Each animal is filled with natural clay balls and dried lavender to provide a relaxing scent. It can be fully heated in the microwave and the removable therapy pack can be used as a heating pad or frozen for cold therapy.

As a bonus, the company offers free returns within 30 days.

Great for multiple senses and aromatherapy

Marshmallow Bear Warmies Intelex

This teddy bear smells like lavender – lavender has been associated with relaxation. This plush weighs just under 2 pounds and is filled with cereal and dried lavender.

The whole toy is microwaveable for those who prefer a warmer touch. It can also be placed in the freezer for use with any bumps or bruises.

Meeting US safety standards for all ages, the company makes a variety of different animals, so you can choose one that matches your personality.

Best weighted pad

Huggaroo puppy

  • Price: $$$
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs

This knee pad is designed like a puppy or a lamb. Made of 100% polyester fabric, the cushion is filled with hypoallergenic, odorless and food grade polypropylene (plastic) granules.

The soft, plush fabric of the cushion can be stroked for grounding and is soft enough to sleep on. Although it is not that large to make travel impossible, it is a larger weighted animal.

Stretching 29 x 8 inches, the outer cover and weighted inner insert are washable. It weighs 3.6 pounds.

Weighted plush toys aren’t for you? Love your stuffed animal, but want to try other things too?

  • Sniff some lavender. Whether you apply a lavender scented lotion, take a lavender scented bath, or use an essential oil diffuser, the scent of lavender can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Take the time to meditate or keep a journal. Even young children can benefit from mindfulness and breathing exercises.
  • Talk to friends. There is nothing like a good heart to heart. You might even want to join a class or group related to one of your interests to connect with new people.
  • Chat with professional advisers. Sometimes we need the ear and guidance of someone trained in approaches and ideas to help us sort through and manage our needs. Whether it’s a specific concern, a short-term goal, or you’re not sure where to start or what to talk about, there are different ways to access a therapist to talk to.

Even speaking with your GP or family doctor, whom you would see for physical issues, can be a good thing. They may suggest support groups, talk therapy, or medication.

Stuffed animals aren’t just for little kids. They can be helpful in calming nerves, grounding, and meeting your hugging needs, especially in times when you’re more isolated and whether or not you have ADHD.

Finding the perfect weighted plush animal can take a bit of time, but there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re struggling to find a place to start, you might consider taking a closer look at a few of the ones on our list!

Catherine Crider, CD / PCD (DONA), CLEC, CBE, JD, MEd, has worked with children for the past decade as a qualified teacher in elementary and special education, and finds special joy in supporting families blooms and their infants. She enjoys educating new and expecting parents about their different options as well as current best practices in baby care. Catherine writes for various websites and teaches full spectrum childbirth and postpartum education in several locations in the North Bay area and peninsula in California.


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